Tado’s Smart Central Heating System Is Available In The Uk Now, But Get An Engineer To Install It

While not prohibitively expensive, the apparent need for an engineer visit does add quite significantly to the overall price. Renters might also want to bear in mind that your landlord or management agency is unlikely to be too pleased with you having changed the controls for the central heating, so youll probably want to have it removed before you leave meaning another engineer visit or braving it on your own. Its also worth bearing in mind that theres a good chance it might not be compatible with the system in your next house too, if youre renting your home. For home owners or people with no imminent house move in sight, these kind of concerns are, of course, less of an issue. The future of heating? The kind of experience that Tado is aiming to deliver is undoubtedly the future of central heating, but with a few companies already in the space or looking to soon enter the UK market like Honeywell and Nest, whether Tado will be the company to crack it remains to be seen. For home owners wanting to modernise their central heating and potentially save a little cash too, Tado is one of the options available right now and witha consistently good design running throughout Tado, whether thats the UI on the apps, the website or the (incorrect) workflow I attempted to use it certainly looks like something Id be interested in using.
For the original version of the article including any supplementary images or video, visit http://thenextweb.com/gadgets/2013/11/08/tados-smart-central-heating-system-available-buy-uk-get-someone-else-install/


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