Hive Turns Up Central Heating Control With Smartphone App For Thermostats | Technology |

That is where all of the benefits and savings come from,” he told the Guardian. ‘Wild claims’ “There are a lot of very wild claims about the benefits of certain technology, all sorts of fantastical claims about savings, which are unsubstantiated.” Hussain said the average customer would save about 150 a year with Hive, covering the cost of the unit in 15 months. Many of Hive’s insights into consumer behaviour come from the experience of its parent company British Gas. Its most recent update to its Active Heating product this week added geolocation, which means users can receive notifications if the heating is left on when they leave, or can switch on the heating through the Hive smartphone app when they are on the way home. Hive has begun work on the follow-up product, which applies the same concept to monitor and diagnose issues with boilers. Although it operates at arm’s length from British Gas, having access to the mothership’s resources can pay off. For example, British Gas’ 12,000 engineers make 50,000 visits a day, and any one of them has the expertise to install Hive Active Heating. The flip side is that the company is currently focusing exclusively on conventional gas boilers, present in the majority of British homes.
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