Your Central Heating May Be The Reason You Feel Ill: Here’s What To Do To Avoid It | Mail Online

A study found that for men, strong smell was the most common migraine cause after stress, while 73 per cent of sufferers said powerful smells made an existing headache worse. There is a link between scents and asthma, too, as chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (found in household products such as some furniture polish and carpet cleaners) can irritate the airways. Deborah Waddell, clinical lead adviser to Asthma UK, says: ‘There’s a particular concern with air fresheners because the exposure is longer term – particularly if they are puffing out continually into the air.’ Keep those hands off radiators Raynaud’s syndrome, which affects up to 20 per cent of us, makes blood vessels go into a temporary spasm, blocking blood flow and leading to the extremities turning white, then blue and red. But if you suffer from it, don’t warm your chilly hands on a radiator, says Dr Maurice Pye. ‘If you warm up too quickly, you can get vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels), which can be painful,’ he warns.
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