Forget Phone Controlling Heating, Honeywell Lets You Do It From Your Wrist – Yahoo News Uk

The new Pebble app, which went live in the Pebble App Store on Monday, lets you quickly see what the temperature is like in your home as well as turn on Quick Actions without bothering with your phone. Quick actions include everything from turning off your heating to customised schedules. READ: Honeywell Evohome review In a move to bring wearable tech and the connected home together, the evohome Pebble app and watch face are compatible with both Android and iOS devices as long as you’ve already got the heating system installed in your home. Evohome, launched earlier this year, lets you create up to 12 zones in your home that can now be controlled individually by thermostats that are connected to the internet. Where Honeywell see the app being a success is for when people not able to grab their phone, but still wanting to control their heating or hot water. “Whether youre on your way back from a long cycle ride and want to make sure theres enough hot water for a well-deserved shower, or want to turn on the heating from the comfort of your bed without having to find your phone, evohome is here to help,” explained Jeremy Peterson, general manager of Honeywells EMEA Home Comfort & Energy Systems division. The app and watch face are available to download for free via the Pebble watch app from Pebble.Evohome is available to buy from B&Q, Plumbase, Plumb Arena, City Plumbing, starting from 249. copyright Pocket-lint 2014
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