Bass Lake District Gets Approval On Domed Gym | News |

On top of the decreased cost, according to , monolithic domes energy efficiency and low maintenance allow them to operate economically and hold long term benefits including strength, longevity, and ability to survive any natural disaster including fires, termites and rot. “The dome gym will be more energy efficient than previous models. In fact, places like Arizona, who have built several domed facilities, their energy costs were reduced by as much as 50%,” Reid said. The domes are so energy efficient, Reid says heating and air conditioning are not always a necessity and plans to delay the additions of the heating and cooling units. “To be on the safe side we are going to allow for a heating and air conditioning system but are not going to do that initially because the insulation of these domes is so spectacular,” Reid said. Lauterbach, plans to walk Reid through step by step, and according to Reid, will be instrumental across the board for the whole project. In fact, Lauterbach’s willingness to spend time on the project and accept a fee much less than other consultants has saved the district loads of money. “It was nice to have a local guy to help us get through this correctly and helping us save money,” Reid said. “There is no way I was going to be able to make those types of decision, and if he had not been here I’m not sure what we would have done. Without him we would have never have gotten through what we got through,” Reid said.
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