Some Want Lansing To Welcome Child Immigrants – Wnem Tv 5

(AP) – Some religious leaders and activists in Lansing want the city to be declared a welcoming place for child immigrants from Central America. Maximo Anguiano, an activist with Action of Greater Lansing, said in a statement that the children are “frightened, far from home and seeking asylum.” A press conference is planned for Wednesday. The Rev. Fred Thelen, pastor of Cristo Rey Catholic Church in Lansing, is co-president of Action of Greater Lansing. He’s among those involved in the push and says Lansing should be “leaders and champions for humanity and declare Lansing a welcoming city.” The effort comes amid protests and counter-protests surrounding plans by Grosse Pointe Park-based Wolverine Human Services to enter into a contract allowing its facility in Vassar to house children who fled violence in Central America. Copyright 2014 Associated Press. All rights reserved. Trending StoriesTrending Stories More>>
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Technical Discussion: Isolated Showers Into Sunday – Wfsb 3 Connecticut

(WFSB) – Clouds were the thing today, no doubt; they just wouldn’t go away. And they still won’t, entirely! Yes, a lot of the night sky will still be covered with clouds. Two storm systems are close, one that is bringing rain to western and central New York and Pennsylvania and another that is off the coast of Delaware and New Jersey. Despite these systems’ being so close, they will not make a direct strike on Connecticut. As they mainly move north-northeast, more or less, they will continue to bring us clouds and only spotty showers, with the bulk of their rains either going west of Connecticut or east. Most showers overnight will be concentrated over southeastern Connecticut. The two storms will still be close tomorrow morning. A few models are forecasting showers will arc back into Connecticut tomorrow morning. Anyone and everyone is prone to having an isolated light rain shower. The sky will otherwise be cloudy and the air will generally be cool during the morning with readings in the 60s. Sunshine may return as early as afternoon tomorrow. The models are pretty aggressive in projecting dry air returning, which would evaporate some of the cloud cover and bring a brighter end to the day. We should get enough sun to help bring readings into the upper-70s by late in the day (which is still over 5 degrees below normal). Believe it or not, high pressure has been in control of the weather, even though it was being pushed around by two storms that brought us the less than ideal weekend. Nevertheless, it will move a little to the east and allow a southwesterly wind to develop which will, in turn, help bring back summer warmth and <> humidity. Partly sunny skies and highs in the 80s are in the cards Monday. Higher heat and humidity come Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of these days with be partly sunny, hazy and humid with the afternoons heating up close to 90F. Given the level of heating and the level of humidity, a few afternoon pop-up thunderstorms are possible. Some could also turn strong, with downpours and gusty wind, especially Wednesday afternoon. The very best opportunity for thunderstorms will arrive later Thursday when a cold front approaches from the west. It will be another hazy, hot and humid day with highs in the upper-80s. The front will come close enough to initiate thunderstorms by later afternoon. With the front’s lift and its ample heat and moisture supply, the chance for strong storms is again very real. Showers may linger Friday morning; however, lower humidity, sunshine and comfortable temperatures will be the general characteristics of later Friday and next weekend.
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Vivint Standardizes On A Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub For Securing Automation Of The Internet Of Things – Yahoo Finance

Without a central internal repository to gather and analyze the data generated from each sensor, Vivint was previously limited in its ability to innovate and to add higher intelligence to its security offerings. For example, knowing when a home is occupied or vacant is important to security — but when tied into the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system, you can add a layer of energy cost savings by cooling or heating a home based on occupancy. Similarly, by adding geo-location into the equation, you can begin to adjust temperature changes to a home based on the proximity to an owner’s arrival, for instance, when the owner has a connected vehicle. HVAC systems are the single largest contributor to a home’s energy bill and carbon emissions, accounting for more than 40 percent of residential energy consumption in the U.S. Studies have shown that consumers could see 20 to 30 percent energy savings by turning off HVAC systems when residents are away or sleeping.1 Vivint knew it wanted a partner with the broadest big data ecosystem, to ensure support as more and more devices are connected to the Internet each day. Having the assurance that Cloudera was open where it needed to be and that it worked with hundreds of companies was a key consideration in the company’s selection process. “Hadoop is capable of producing value quickly, and for us the ability to look across data and track inferences brings immediate value to our customers,” said Bunker.
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Global Markets-steady Stocks Eye Central Banks; Crude Falls – Yahoo Finance

Stocks on Wall Street traded slightly higher, lifted by the good earnings mood, but gains were barely making a dent on losses sustained in the previous two sessions. “The market was encouraged by Alcoa, especially since we were arguably oversold in the very short term,” said Steve Sosnick, equity-risk manager at Timber Hill/Interactive Brokers Group in Greenwich, Connecticut. “However, it’s hard to predict big moves ahead of all the news coming out next week, and there’s no reason to suspect we couldn’t pull back further,” he said, in reference to the heavy earnings calendar. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 35.39 points or 0.21 percent, to 16,942.01, the S&P 500 gained 4.6 points or 0.23 percent, to 1,968.31 and the Nasdaq Composite added 17.52 points or 0.4 percent, to 4,408.98. The FTSEuroFirst 300 index of leading European shares was flat on the day and MSCI’s global gauge of stocks ticked up less than 0.1 percent. Brent crude oil traded at a one-month low below $109 a barrel after a Libyan oilfield restarted and supply worries faded, while weekly data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed U.S. crude stockpiles rose and gasoline demand faltered. “The gasoline demand drop and Cushing stock rise should have a little bit of a negative effect on WTI prices,” said Gene McGillian, an analyst at Tradition Energy in Stamford, Connecticut.
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Mark D. Perry: Oceans Critical To Human Future, So Take Care Of Them »

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4 Of The More Common Central Heating Boiler Troubles You Could See

A boiler has a crucial part in the house and has to perform at full effectiveness. If a central heating boiler isn’t really able to run effectively there is the potential for it to not provide the preferred level of warmth or could break down totally. By conducting basic checks to the electronic programmer, time switches and thermostat, you are commonly able to make certain a gas boiler is established properly.

If you do believe that you might have a more major concern with the operation of the gas boiler, it is rarely suggested to try any of the more challenging repair work or maintenance tasks. They ought to be delegated the gas safe registered engineer who is totally approved and qualified to complete such work. Find a registered gas fitter in Alsager.

Also, to make sure that a heating system and boiler has the ability to work successfully, it will typically benefit to have an annual service finished by the engineer. This should assist with limiting troubles in the future and requiring to make the emergency calls which can be quite pricey.

Here are a few of the more usual central heating boiler troubles that can be inspected prior to calling on the services of the certified professional:.

Thermostat: It will constantly benefit to have a fully functioning thermostat in place. A thermostat is likely to lose its precision in time, which will lead to deceptive temperature level settings and switching the heating on and off at the wrong times. Although it is possible for the gas engineer to recalibrate and fix the existing thermostat, it is more most likely to be just as cost-efficient to have a replacement thermostat set up.

Programmable and set-back thermostats are made to heat up our home when needed and can quickly reject the heating when it isn’t really needed. This means it is possible to be that much even more energy-efficient. A modern-day programmable thermostat is likely to be able to cut the cost of heating the home by as much as 20 %.

Electronic programmers: If you do start to experience problems with the running of the gas boiler, a check of the relay, motherboard electronics, and LCD display is likely to be needed. Most of these components can quickly be purchased at a regional DIY shop to change the existing parts that are in place.

Condensate pipe: A condensate pipe is necessary for transferring the boiler condensation to an outdoor pipe. If you have recently experienced an abrupt cold breeze, the outcome is that this essential pipeline could freeze, which will result in a blockage and eventually the boiler is most likely to close down. Indications of a frozen pipeline consist of bubbling or gurgling sounds from the condensation pipe or boiler. By taking the required action to gradually thaw on the right should assist with getting rid of the troubles.


Odd Noises Coming From Your Boiler? – Six Top Suggestions On What To Look At

The sound of loud banging, and knocking noises coming out of your noisy boiler can be frightening, but there’s generally no need to run into the street in your pyjamas, shouting for assistance. It may appear as if your central furnace is about to blow up however these types of boiler troubles are not normally dangerous. There are lots of sources for boiler troubles such as having a noisy boiler, a few of which you can quickly identify for yourself. It could be resolved with some minor modifications, or it could be time to telephone a boiler repair business. The Boiler Blog website has lots of information on boiler repair in Carlisle

Right here are six leading tips to assist you to deal with a loud boiler:.

1. Do not worry! It could seem as if there is a Mutant Ninja Turtle in your loud boiler wielding a spanner, but the banging is usually triggered by the fast expansion and tightening of the internal systems. Take your time for getting all the relevant information together and, if essential, to calmly inspect all the possible sources of your boiler issues.

2. Find the handbook that included the boiler. This will inform you the make and model, exactly what type of device it is (whether it is a combi boiler or a condensing boiler for example) and whether you are covered by any warranties for boiler repairs. When it was purchased, you may still have paperwork from the provider confirming. Certainly, if it is still under guarantee the first thing to do is call the helpline number to inquire about their boiler repair works cover.

3. If there’s no producer’s guarantee, insurance coverage or service agreement that covers the central heating system, then the next action is to examine the source of your loud boiler. Do you hear loud bangs originating from the boiler when it is on? Is it working flat out but not producing as much heat as before? If so, there are most likely to be pockets of air caught in this boiler and the device trouble is caused by a lowered water flow, often due to an accumulation of sludge from limescale or deterioration.

4. If you presume this is the reason for the knocking sounds originating from your noisy boiler, and you are positive of your DIY abilities, then you can try to take care of it by utilizing a non-acidic cleanser and a de-scaling product. Both can be included to the feed and growth tank from where they’ll pass through the boiler and purge it. Always remember to drain the central heating system a couple of days later, to clean out any debris.

5. If flushing out the system doesn’t deal with the boiler problems, then it’s time to try something else. Another possible cause of a loud boiler’s minimized water flow can be an improper flow rate setting, a feed tank not filling correctly, or a malfunctioning pump. In all these cases it’s finest to call out an expert boiler repairs service provider. You numerous require brand-new parts, or, regretfully, your noisy old boiler could require changing.

6. To assist avoid these sort of boiler problems in the future, you need to ensure the gadget is regularly serviced. Landlords leasing out their home are required by law to have the central heater looked at an annual basis. It’s a great idea to follow the same rule if you want to stay safe and stay clear of boiler problems such as a gas leakage, a loud boiler or a breakdown.