Technical Discussion: Isolated Showers Into Sunday – Wfsb 3 Connecticut

(WFSB) – Clouds were the thing today, no doubt; they just wouldn’t go away. And they still won’t, entirely! Yes, a lot of the night sky will still be covered with clouds. Two storm systems are close, one that is bringing rain to western and central New York and Pennsylvania and another that is off the coast of Delaware and New Jersey. Despite these systems’ being so close, they will not make a direct strike on Connecticut. As they mainly move north-northeast, more or less, they will continue to bring us clouds and only spotty showers, with the bulk of their rains either going west of Connecticut or east. Most showers overnight will be concentrated over southeastern Connecticut. The two storms will still be close tomorrow morning. A few models are forecasting showers will arc back into Connecticut tomorrow morning. Anyone and everyone is prone to having an isolated light rain shower. The sky will otherwise be cloudy and the air will generally be cool during the morning with readings in the 60s. Sunshine may return as early as afternoon tomorrow. The models are pretty aggressive in projecting dry air returning, which would evaporate some of the cloud cover and bring a brighter end to the day. We should get enough sun to help bring readings into the upper-70s by late in the day (which is still over 5 degrees below normal). Believe it or not, high pressure has been in control of the weather, even though it was being pushed around by two storms that brought us the less than ideal weekend. Nevertheless, it will move a little to the east and allow a southwesterly wind to develop which will, in turn, help bring back summer warmth and <> humidity. Partly sunny skies and highs in the 80s are in the cards Monday. Higher heat and humidity come Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of these days with be partly sunny, hazy and humid with the afternoons heating up close to 90F. Given the level of heating and the level of humidity, a few afternoon pop-up thunderstorms are possible. Some could also turn strong, with downpours and gusty wind, especially Wednesday afternoon. The very best opportunity for thunderstorms will arrive later Thursday when a cold front approaches from the west. It will be another hazy, hot and humid day with highs in the upper-80s. The front will come close enough to initiate thunderstorms by later afternoon. With the front’s lift and its ample heat and moisture supply, the chance for strong storms is again very real. Showers may linger Friday morning; however, lower humidity, sunshine and comfortable temperatures will be the general characteristics of later Friday and next weekend.
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