University Of Aberdeen -internet Enabled: But Where Is Your Personal Information Going? –

Who is gathering it? And what are they going to do with it? New software developed by the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub at the University of Aberdeen , and trialled in bus stops across the North East of Scotland , aims to answer these questions, so such services can be used with confidence. The Trusted Tiny Things app is already operational on bus routes across Aberdeenshire and within Aberdeen , where travellers can scan NFC tags at bus stops with their mobile phones to find out timetable information. ‘When a user scans the NFC tag at the bus stop with their phone, the user is taken to an app which explains which organisations are requesting information from their phone, specifically what information it will gather, and for what purpose. If the user is happy to proceed, then they are connected to the timetable information,’ explains project leader Dr Edoardo Pignotti . The project was born out of a desire to increase transparency when it comes to the data that organisations and private firms collect from members of the public through internet-enabled devices. Dr Pignotti adds: ‘There is an increasing amount of devices such as passive radio tags, internet connected sensor platforms and embedded computers in the home and public spaces these days and many people use them in good faith but they may be blind to what info they are giving up, and to whom. People have a right to know exactly what these devices are – what kind of data they are collecting; if the data is transmitted, and if so, who it is sent to; what the data is used for.
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