All You Need To Know About Combi Boilers

Combi boilers can be a great space-saving solution for smaller homes. With a combi boiler, a balanced flue, some pipes, and a few radiators, you have all the necessary components of a fully-fledged central heating system.

If you have a combination boiler, you have no need for a water pump, storage cylinder, feed and expansion cylinder, or any other separate components, and the fact that you dont need any of these bulky components can save you a considerable amount of space.

Combination boilers are now the most common type used in Britain. Combi boilers use essentially the same technology as standard boiler, but there are a number of functional differences between the two.

With a combi boiler, all the water for the central heating system is sealed in. The lack of vents mean that there is no need for a separate feed and enlargement tank. Combination boilers have their own internal hot water tank, which cannot store as much as a separate tank, but that should prove sufficient for smaller homes. Many people have water storage tanks in their loft, but with this system, your loft space is freed up for you to use for storage or even as an extra bedroom.

A combination boiler is able to provide instant hot water by using the heat from the central heating system to heat freshly drawn water. However, the one drawback of this approach is that it can only supply hot water to one outlet at a time, so if youre having a shower, you had better make sure that nobody uses another hot tap while you are in there, or you could be in for a nasty cold shock.

There are five types of combi boiler. These are instantaneous condensing, storage condensing, instantaneous, storage and Combined Primary Storage Units. Instantaneous are the most common types as they allow instant access to hot water. The instantaneous condensing type is a little more efficient. Combined Primary Storage Unit types are a special category of combi, which incorporate a very large water store allowing for higher water pressure, faster water flow, and for your radiators to heat more quickly.

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